Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cataract is such a blurry word!

I noticed the other day that my eyesight was not what it used to be.
For some unknown reason I covered  my left eye
I was shocked by what I saw
didn't see as the case may be
I have tried to recreate the blurry world of my left eye
It is actually worse than this, and, it surprises me that with both eyes open
I can nearly see this well
I have noticed that my concentration is limited without bright reading light.
Taking photos has been hard lately and now I know why.
I saw an optometrist who confirmed a milky cataract and
booked me an appointment with an eye surgeon for Monday morning.
Lets hope the diagnosis does not develop into something more sinister.
There was an eye health awareness advertisement on TV last night.
The campaign was known as Juleye.


smartcat said...

Toes crossed that all goes well for you.
Please keep us updated. I will probably have to undergo this in the next year or so.

Annie said...

I saw the same add and half considered going too, but then put my head back in the sand. My eyes have been getting really bad lately. That top photo looked quite normal! I hope you will be OK.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

OH GOSH, no! best wishes for better and healthier sight!

Anonymous said...

hey jayne, we are all getting old and falling apart. i hope your appointment goes well, i will be thinking of you. by the way, i love reading your blog and seeing what you are up to. look after yourself... love manda.