Sunday, July 15, 2012

Oh no, no more news print?

There is talk that printed newspapers are fast becoming a thing of the past.
With the high take up rate of people reading their news on line,
and declining hard copy sales, it does make economic sense,
My entire garden has been flood proofed using the humble newspaper.
I needed to raise the ground level and I had limited dirt so I

concentrated all available dirt on the circles and the ground in between was
paved with large bricks of newsprint, resulting in instant lift of ground level.

I then cover the newsprint bricks with leaf litter raked from my forest.

It takes 12 wheel barrows full to completely cover around one circle.
This all breaks down perfectly and I have taken to creating thin newsprint pavers to go over the paths for a second round again raising the ground level.
Flood proofing is relative to the severity of the flood, I have used the 1992 flood levels as my guide.
 This little balloon crew member needed a nap before tea
Stella thought it was a great idea
Dirk (Balloonatic) did a tether at the Farmers market.
This is his tethering envelope, quite stunning and a crowd pleaser.

I  got to watch the inflation from the market stall.

Now it is just back to normal, feet on the ground and back to the regular grind.
Oh well it was fun and exciting while it lasted.
Until next time!

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Gary's third pottery blog said...

Oh golly, black lab dogs just want to cuddle :) I know, I like newspapers on paper! I like online too, but.... :(