Sunday, December 4, 2011

Stop looking, I found it.

I was starting to think it would never turn up
I was out in the car delivering fresh vegetables and herbs
as I do on a Monday morning
I reached into the centre console to get out my PJ's list and.....
there it was, my camera.
Not lost in the garden thank goodness.
I made the first bunch with Cherry Rudbekia.
Mixed with some yellow Alstromeria, Lions tail and Gillardia.
A striking bunch.
I was dropping it of at Mums when I remembered my camera in the car.
Big double market weekend
Farmers Market and Red Cliffs market.

Under the red tent is where the Farmers Market big breakfasts are
cooked and served.
I supply flowers for the breakfast tables.
The yellow tent is directly opposite us on the far side of the market.
It is a lovely park, the ornamental lake is filled with water lilies.
Large old gum trees provide lovely shade.
Shame the council is planning to redevelop the site.
Sends shivers down my spine.
The bakery stall is very popular.
I am thinking of offering some of our products from an etsy shop
Dried herbs, seeds and salvias.
Today's task is to find out if it is possible and then
photograph everything in preparation.
Thank goodness I found my camera!

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Greyacres said...

So glad that the lost is found again. Dont you hate misplacing things, specially important things.Your flowers are so bright and vibrant Jayne. good luck with the etsy shop.