Sunday, December 11, 2011

Edible Gardening Classes January

As a contract teacher the end of the year is always an anti climax.
I had an idea last year.....I just didn't act on it
this year I pressed send on a mass email to local Primary Schools
 Edible Gardening classes for Kids.
This photo does not do it justice.
I might press print and deliver some hard copies to places like the Organic shop
and have them on our market stall on Saturday.

Our farm is right next to the Murray River
I walk the dogs every morning for a swim......and to check their Pee mails.

There are a pair of black swans that live down there.....They come and say hello every morning.

They are not afraid of the dogs and come quite close.
I am trying to copy the sound they make.

Shelia loves to cool down in the water, she is no swimmer, she just sits in the water.

The Ski Club have replaced the lawn that was lost during the drought.
It is a luxurious lawn. Great beach and lots of resident ducks.


Annie said...

Wow! How did I miss these last two posts! This is all Fantastic stuff. Yes, go and deliver fliers to schools too it's a great idea. Pete would love this. Loved seeing the market in action. Big sis and I had a good market last sun and now I think I've lost my photos of it. Hanging by a thread for.the last week love a

Greyacres said...

Good idea to teaach the young ones to grow their own food. they might need the skill to survive one day you never know. It beats importing food from overseas where we dont know the chemical they use or their growing conditions.