Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weeding with the lawn mower

I was weeding my flower rows with the lawn mower the other day
and luckily I saw these  before I ran over them.
Self sown Zinnias!
I have been trying for weeks to raise some seeds that I saved from my fantastic blooms,
No luck, not one seedling from several trays of trying.
I think it was just not hot enough. I was trying to push the envelope too far into spring.
I could not help my self and transplanted them immediately to a row with a dripper line installed
I might even try another tray of seeds now.
Last years flowers were stunning singles in purple, red, orange, white, green, yellow.........
I must have planted all the seeds I had because I can't find them
and the only seeds at the hardware shop were for doubles..............
I do hope I like them as doubles or I will have to keep my eyes out for more self sown ones.
I am also stepping out into the etsy world of retail with things I regularly sell at our market stall

Dried Herbs.
I have yet to photograph the herb vinegar, which is the secret weapon when making sauces and gravies.
I am also hoping to include some salvias and herb plants. I just have to get out there and take some photos.


Annie said...

Love the etsy idea! I have some self sown zinnias myself. Btw the doubles are magnificent. I have one as a card.

whitecubemildura said...

Hi jayne. Can u please contact me regarding whitecube installation and email with yr telephone number so we can arrange installation.

Thanks Kate