Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas R & R

We were the designated farm sitters this year
so it was Christmas in Mildura.
Not too hot thank goodness.
I had to look after both Mothers garden and Sisters garden.
Thank goodness for automatic timers....What a god send.
It threatened rain for much of the day but amounted to nothing in true Mildura style.
The week before we had 66mls of rain in just 2 hours. That was more than double the monthly average.
The chooks got a new circle for Christmas and that means
I too, got a fresh circle for Christmas.
Already dug into a doughnut and planted out with rocket, kale & lettuce.

This is before any doughnut digging, full of promise! I was excited!

I regularly have to inspect the zucchini plants for pumpkin beetles.
and squash on sight.
Plants responding splendidly with many zucc's for our dinner.
2 plants is more than enough to supply this household.
I have leeks growing in the centre of this doughnut.
Tomatoes around the right outside rim and spinach mustard around the left hand rim
Zucc's front and centre. Chives either side of the zucchini
So far the weeds are under control and I often remind myself that
1 years seeding = 7 years weeding.
Great incentive to not let that happen and keep on top of it all.
 Tradscanthia very hardy, little pink flowers
 Dwarf Pomegranate
This looks a lot like a salvia, Indigo spires.
Shame about the background of this shot....Typical error of a photographer
Too interested in the subject to "see" what is being captured.
I need your opinion.
I am wondering if I should have photos like this for the etsy shop or
should I have photos of the flowers and just say all plants are in 3 '' pots?
Or a collage of the 3'' pot on a background photo of the flowers it will produce?
With all this to consider it is no wonder I have been slow to stock that etsy shop I created.


Annie said...

Been meaning to ring you for a chat. Garden looking good. Pete on his way up on Monday with Les as the forward party. I'll come up at the end of the week. Loving working in my garden. I'll think about etsy but my initial thought is the flower

Annie said...

No sign of chicks-yesterday was the day, but she's still sitting-hmmm no too hopeful now

Greyacres said...

Your circles look full of promise Jayne, summer is a wonderful growing time. Keep on top of those weeds! ! !

Ask Teresa said...

This is amazing work