Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Glass firing success

I have been experimenting with glass slumping and having some difficulties.
The glass at the top of the kiln was working perfectly
but on the lower shelves all the glass was cracked and broken.
I did some more research and found a web site that seemed to explain the problems I was having.
I had to ask what I might be doing wrong and having read Teresa's advice, I reprogrammed my auto controller to the COE96 schedule as suggested by Teresa and
It worked...I had raised the bottom shelf and still waited a whole day for it to cool down....
We have been having a heat wave so it was actually still really warm the next day
I was able to get 4 small glass bowls out of the kiln.
Very stackable bowls
I have been using broken glass that we got with a 2nd hand glass house.
I am making sure that the glass is co-efficient by using pieces from the exact same pane of glass
If I want to slump some on like the square basses on these bowls.

This is just slumped over a mould with a star pattern on it.

I am very inspired by the success and have already begun making a few more moulds,
I like to have the kiln full before firing
Given 1 mould = 1 bowl
it will take a few firings to get a set of bowls
Its a good feeling... being inspired and creatively enthused
Thanks Teresa!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

so cute!

Annie said...

Looks great Jayne. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. I will be up in time to help you at the market. I'll bring my market apron!