Friday, January 13, 2012


Everyones favourite summer herb!
I have had a bit of trouble getting the seeds to come up.
I think like everyone else I am in such a hurry for it to grow that I forget it needs the soil to be warm enough. I read the other day, the biggest basil mistake is planting it too early and I am guilty of the very same.
I have to have enough to plant out and to take to market

It has been a cool summer so far except for that heatwave of 40,40,40

These plants are finally big enough to plant out in the rows

I was trying to get skittles to pose next to the cherry rudbekia but she wasn't in a modelling mood.

The cherry rubekia is a very different looking plant to the regular yellow rudbekia.
Different leaves, different habit. I like the paint striped look of the cherry flowers when they have been out for a while.

They have that old furniture look about them.
Perhaps I had better pick them and let a fresh lot come through.

Skittles is a foot hugger.
We had a visit from from Barney and Dozer....this is Barney's foot.



Dozer is trim taut and terriffic since he stopped snacking on biscuts throughout the day!


Faeryfay said...

Love the basil! I'm trying on my third attempt in growing it this season! For some reason, it just isn't working for me! I do so love it though!:-)

Annie said...

I love your faded like old furniture comment. Loved the flower rows. I want to see the new puppy!!!