Sunday, January 8, 2012

Self sown Rocket

I was lamenting the lack of rocket in my garden.
It usually is thick and strong and I don't plant it as a rule
It always self seeds
I like this photo as a self portrait.
This is my fresh Christmas circle and is now green with self sown Silver beet.

I was excited to notice large clumps of self sown rocket.......
I have been waiting for it to turn up.

I couldn't help my self and have transplanted plenty of it around the garden
Planted it into punnets and into single one inch pots, for a later transfer into the garden.
Or they might end up on my market stall.

It is growing so well I was able to pick a couple of bunches and include them in my
"Coffee Town" cafe basket this morning.
Along with garlic chives, chives, parsley, silver beet

 I am getting pretty good at identifying plants at this young stage.
Can you pick out the rocket plants?
These are mostly silver beet and I can see one or two weeds in there,
but I can also identify 5 rocket plants

It smells so good when I pick it. I had to snack on a bit this morning.
Quality control
It was good.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

rocket plants???? I oculd use a dose of that warm sun though!

Annie said...

Loved seeing all the gardens up there. Your flower rows were amazing. I got home safely, and went straight out into my garden and had a little play. Very tired tonight. Good to catch up. Thanks for beautiful pressies!