Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Persistence is a glass bowl

It has been many years since I have done a glass slumping.
I talked up the process with my first yr sculpture students
and we decided to try.
I was disappointed it didn't work the first time.
Frustrated it didn't work the second time
and annoyed enough then to reprogram the auto controller on the kiln.
Upping the end temp by 100 degrees Celsius.
Finally success
No it is not an ashtray!
I can see some ice cream in there.

Here it is still on it's mould.
Here is the mould by itself.
I think someone in the family may be getting Ice cream bowls for Christmas.
I think this design will even stack reasonably well.
Wouldn't you know it the lilliums began to flower when there is a three week break between markets.
Check out this exotic specimen
How much would you pay for a stem of these?
I keep my flower prices to $5 so how many stems per bunch?
I have to get the bird mesh over the cherries before the birds notice that they are beginning to colour up.
This year I am going to get to eat plenty of these beauties.
Last year the outrageous rains split them all, the year before we were experiencing water restrictions and they all shrivelled and died after a heat wave.
This year........success.
So it is true, persistence pays.

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Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh gosh, SPRING! It is so cold and dark here in NY, thanks for you lovely pictures and post, and visit to my blob too!