Sunday, October 2, 2011

Busting the "No garlic from seed" myth

I totally hate being told I can't do something.

There is a very strong urban myth that you can't grow garlic from seed, in fact
someone was trying to convince me at the market on the weekend that it was not possible.
For the last few years I have been collecting garlic seed and growing it.
This is a garlic seed head.
It has fleshy little seeds that form after the flower.

I have also collected seed from half way up the stem (internal)
each plant is different and not all plants produce seed.
This is my summer haul from the last crop.
Like the cloves they will vanish to dust if not planted fresh.

I put four seeds in a pot and when up and established I "park" four to six pots around a dripper.
In 12 months time these will be my planting stock for the following year.

This means I can sell some of my crop and not worry so much about replanting the biggest and the best.
If you have ever grown garlic you will know it is best to plant big healthy cloves. The bigger the clove the better the result. If you are growing them for sale it is hard to forgo the good price and easy sale to increase the planting stock. I am confident that I have found the answer to that dilemma.
I am confident that I have "busted" this Garlic myth.
If you don't believe me......prove it for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Will anyone leave me a comment on this page?

Annie said...

I will certainly try, I love your determination and guts to have a go at anything Jayne. That's what makes you special. Good to talk to you.

Jody Pearl said...

I've been thinking of planting Garlic so will take you up on your challenge - although realistically I'll have to plant bulbs first so I can produce seeds.

JB said...

I read an article on this subject recently and they refered to the seeds as bulbils. I should have checked the spelling but basically the article was saying it was possible but it just takes time.