Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fresh Flowers Mildura

I just love spring
I love picking flowers
Just lucky for me I like to grow them too!
I also like to share the flowers and have a road side stall selling them to the passing public.

 If you live in Mildura you can take advantage of the very cheap fresh flowers on
Etiwanda Ave just $5 per bunch.
 They are seasonal so whatever is flowering goes in the bunches.
This October there are lots of Dianthus and Alstromeria.

Alstromeria are my favourites. Very long lasting in the vase, and very long stemmed.
They are very prolific also.
I did try to tame this section but the weight of the flowers thwarted my efforts.
Some of the flowers have grown up through the passion fruit and would have to be 3 metres tall,
now that is long stemmed!

I am starting to think that the pink alstromeria here in the front is a dwarf variety.
Usually dug out every year by the white Labrador looking for a cool spot to sleep, this is the first flower in a long time. I had forgotten what it looked like.

3 comments: said...

They must like the heat. They are not very kind to me the few times I have tried them in Hoppers Crossing. Woolworths had a store special for $6 yesterday so I indulged. I hope the grower got something. Love the garden.
have a peep at my crab apple.

Annie said...

I love the orange and pink - what lovely flowers and a great service to flower lovers like me. I picked some lovely red ones that I grew from a piece from my neighbour last year. It must be a small one too, but the bush has become quite big and there are heaps of flowers. Love them too.

greyacres said...

So excited Jayne to see the glass dish. wow it was worth waiting for. I;d like to try too.