Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rural inspired pottery

I have noticed a subtle change in the pottery I have been making since we moved to mum's garage down on the farm.
This must be a paper weight for a beef farmer
When I glazed this, the herd of cows were at the other end of the paddock.
Had they been a little closer I am sure their whole face would have been white.
This is represents the many rabbits on the farm even though it is more like a hare.
We do get the occasional hare but there are always rabbits. I think we should work out how to sell rabbits instead of vegetables.

This is half of a "Sweat box" sculpture
I had made the head on one day and the body on another and as a result I never did like the finished product, but I have found a way to enjoy it.

Placed on a H section of fence it has a PPeruvian feel to it.
It can watch over the Lillium patch, they are so close to flowering and there are no farmers markets for three weeks. I do hope it all works out that they flower on a market week.
This is the "sweat box" body. I am going to make a new head and neck from fabric.....and hopefully have it suspended on a big spring so there is movement. 
This next one is my favourite tea pot. It is fully functioning, the saddle lifts up so you can put in the tea leaves and water.


Annie said...

You really are a sculptor! The head looks great watching the lilliums, and I love the idea of the body moving on a spring. You are one clever chicken!! Oh BTW I LOVE the rabbit pottery. I made a rose arch for myself using plastic tubing I used to use to save the washing water during the drought. Planted heaps of seeds the other day in my nursery. Now down there every day with the spray bottle to keep them moist. Exciting times ahead.

Anonymous said...

i love the camel head jayne... i look everyday to see if you have a new post. love seeing what you are up to.

Muddling Through said...

Oh, my goodness, I just came over from Annie's blog and read through all of your posts on this page. I love your pottery. It is beautiful, and I'm almost worn out just looking at all you've been doing. It IS a challenge to grow those wonderful things we want, but I see you share Annie's green thumb! Just lovely - all of it.

Poppy said...

Annie suggested I come over and man! I am glad I did. there hare/rabbit is ace but the camel teapot is so far beyond amazing there are no feasible superlatives.

picciolo said...

I'm visiting from Annie's too, I'm glad I did what lovely things you make! I especially like the cows and the rabbit
: )

Jan said...

I've just hopped over from Annie's blog, Jane - what clever girls you are. Your pottery is great - I loved seeing the camel (teapot and bookends) and the raku work, and your garden is inspiring. Oh, and I just LOVE that rabbit/hare.

aracne said...

Well, every body said what I wanted to say. The camel is brilliant both as a tea pot and as book ends.
This is a talented family indeed!

Lizzie said...

Annie sent me and I'm glad she did, what amazing talent you have. I love the rabbit..

Jenny said...

You have such talent running in your family and you all have SUCH a green thumb and an eye for beauty. I love the camel teapot and that one you cut in half is totally awesome. I do think the wooden one definitely has a touch of Peruvian about it. It was wonderful to visit your blog-I'll be back:)