Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fresh Garlic

I couldn't resist picking some of the garlic.
The saying goes that you "plant it at Easter and pick it on Boxing day"
I planted mine before Easter this year as it was a really late Easter,

and for a variety of reasons I picked some on the weekend, (mid November).
If it dies down and I don't pick it, I can't find it until it re shoots.
Some of these small ones were dying down and I risked losing them.
I am excited by the size of some of the cloves....This is a $2 garlic for sure!
There will be plenty for selling, replanting,eating and some left over for bug spray.
It pays to leave them out in the sun for a day or two so the skins dry out and it is easy to rub off the dirt, leaving them white for the market....with a touch of purple.
The smell is beautiful.

This is my husbands favourite tree, its a Grevillia
Flowering at the moment, it is a riot of and yellow.
I noticed this when I was out at the Grevillia, a water lilly

Its a shame we have to be so water safe with a grill over the pond
I does spoil the look but protects the plants from my water loving dogs.


Annie said...

BEAUTIFUL Grevillia and BEAUTIFUL water lilly, oh and beautiful garlic too. You are inspiring me to plant some water lillies. Kids LOVED getting letters from you. Callum very sore and sorry at the moment. I think it is all sinking in, just what he has done and the time frame consequences. Poor boy. Thanks for your care...and yes, I do remember that confetti at church. I just LOVE my roses.
code word is weeders!!

Greyacres said...

Beautiful water lily jayne. Are there any fish in the pond?