Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Comfrey in flower

I was delighted to notice my Comfrey was flowering.
I have it planted at the end of my potting bench and in theory it gets watered from the run off from the seedlings on the potting bench.

It must be working as the plant is quite large and flowering.
I use the leaves as a compost booster.

Known also as bone knit, Comfrey used to be used for assisting the healing of broken bones.
These days it is not recommended for internal use.

I am hoping to collect the seed for replanting.
Another herb that is in flower down there at my work station at the moment....
It's common name is "Love in the mist"
It self seeds and produces lots of flowers....which turn into the most interesting seed pods.
It is a true blue colour, and not a purple that gardeners refer to as blue.
(That used to frustrate me but I seem used to the strange reference to blue when it is clearly purple.)
Some fade to white and some are white from the get go.


Annie said...

I have Nigella in abundance in my front garden. I have 3 different shades of it - white, light blue and strong blue. Yes, I see your frustration. I'll look forward to a little plant of comfrey when you manage to cultivate it. I;m busy report writing.

Greyaces said...

I love plants that thrive untended. Love in the mist is such a pretty little flower and self seeds readily.

Annie said...

Mine are STILL looking good, and I'm STILL writing reports!! Happy Birthday to our Dad hey!