Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's too darned hot!

It's too hot for the garden today, 3rd day over 40 degrees Celcius I thought I would show off some of my pots. There is a bit of theme....This is a working tea pot. The saddle lifts up for filling with tea leaves and hot water. The tea does come out of the camels mouth.

Bookends...If you could read the titles on the books the whole piece would make more sense. "A girls experiment", "Wider horizons", "Nothing ventured"
I have many camel pots, small, medium and large. I must organise a themed exhibition and invite some camel fanciers. I am also very keen on Raku firing. That's where the pots are taken out of the kiln at 1000degrees Celcius and placed in sawdust to complete the firing in an oxygen reduced atmosphere.
All work is then just decorative but ancient looking. This is a silver backed pendant with a rune theme.

That's just a small example of the pottery I do. I have been making things out of clay for about 30 years and I still really enjoy it. Lucky aren't I.


FlowerLady said...

Hot weather does us in every year, draining us of energy and makes us feel ill, so we stay indoors as much as possible. We are enjoying our weather right now trying to get as many outdoor projects done as we can.

Your camel tea pot and book ends are really neat. I'd love to see more of your work. It's great that you are still enjoying doing this after all these years.

Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

Annie said...

Hi Jayne, I love that photo of you and Sheila. I'll show Callum the pot press. He sounded keen to help you. LOTS of rain here too tonight