Friday, February 4, 2011

Now it is too wet!

This has to be a once in a lifetime rain storm. We have recorded 149 ml over the last 24hours and it is still raining. This garden bed was designed to keep flood waters out. Built after the 1992 inundation saw us with 6 sandbags high around the house. The garden was designed to help take the stress out of an extremely high river but it has had the opposite effect with this phenomenal rain event, however there is little chance that the water will get high enough to come in the house. 
There will be no car parking down here for a while. 

The camels and sheep just have to share their paddock with the ducks.

The wet lands are overflowing. Etiwanda Ave is underwater.

I read today that the average rain for February is 19 ml. We are well and truly past that. Lets hope it stops raining soon. I can hardly believe I have said that. The drought has certainly broken.


Calidore said...

I had heard you had heaps of rain. Hope the house stays high and dry and you and the garden are ok.

FlowerLady said...

I'm glad your drought has ended, but hope this deluge that you are receiving right now will soon end. Do hope your home stays nice and dry also.


Annie said...

Oh wow, that is amazing to see those photos. It's like you've got your own swimming pool.

Judy said...

Great rain pics Jayne, Fancy a years supply of rain in 24 hours.! Lovely weather for ducks!