Sunday, February 13, 2011

Above average rainfall brings...

Wild lettuce that is way taller than me!
I took advantage of the damp ground and pulled weeds this week.

I had some fans watching my progress.
They waded across the paddock and ate everything I threw over the fence.
I think the wild lettuce is their favourite but they also ate all the other weeds.
If I weed three corner jack plants and throw them over the fence they will eat those as well.
There are very few weeds along the fence line as they clean them up all the time.
The fence is supposed to be electric but there must be a short on the line somewhere. The camels are hard on a fence that has lost it's spark.
Mulch down to try and reduce the weeds in the rows. I am excited by the promise of many Zinnias. 
I wonder if I can get away with pruning my chrysanthemums one more time before waiting for May flowers?

I have room here for a couple more rows.....I have run out of space in this garden but I think I may have run out of strength to clear these weeds............maybe after the next rain.

This is Winston. He is the Grandfather of this herd. A gentle giant, curious, companionable and handsome. The head of the family.

Lewis on the left and Linga on the right. They were very happy about my weeding and patiently waited for me to weed a large pile before I threw them over the fence. Winston does get the lions share but these two did alright.


Green Boy said...

Hi Jane! Fiona told me about your blog. It's fantastic, keep up the great work!

Can I ask you why you chose camels in your permaculture design?

I returned back home recently from spending 3 weeks WWOOFing with David Holmgren and Su Dennett. They are very radical and have a real hate for the industrial economic system (just like me). I will have to tell you all about it at one of the upcoming farmers' markets (not this weekend though as I will be away).

Keep living the dream, Jay.

Annie said...

Love the camel pics Jayne. Those weeds look like hard work, but at least the ground is soft. I did a spot of weeding at the factory at the weekend, and it's looking good out there.