Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mildura Farmers Market

It's a big job getting ready for the market, bringing up the plants from the nursery area is made a bit easier with this trolley, 4 tins at a time. I take at least 12 tins every market. (sometimes more)

The car becomes a lush garden...looks and smells good!

Every available space in the car is utilised, bunches of herbs in their old sewing machine draws slot down the side of the tins of plants. 

My sister Fiona sells the best olive oil in the district, and lemon cordial. We save seeds from the plants in the garden and Fiona packages them up for our gardening customers. 

I sell bunches of fresh herbs, in season vegetables and bunches of flowers. My Zinnias are blooming  beautiful at the moment. Basil bunches are by far the most popular fresh herb.Corriander comes a close second but is very hard (impossible) to grow here in summer. I also dry herbs and package them up for sale. I think people are more comfortable with dried herbs....It's like they know what to do with the dried version.
Set up takes just over an hour and sometimes if the customers come early we don't actually get all the signs out. We are just about ready to start trading here. Waiting for the early birds
It was a good day. The customers did sleep in a bit and were a bit slow to all come out. Overnight rain might have put a few off but it did turn out to be a good day and worth all the effort. Thank goodness as it has been 5 weeks since the last market.
That's just a bit too long between pay days.


Annie said...

LOVE the new sign Jayne and the set up looks awesome. You two make a great team, just wish it could be the 3 of us. We always dreamed of having a little shop - do you remember?

FlowerLady said...

Wow, this sounds and looks wonderful in spite of the work involved. I'm glad you had a good day at the market.


Calidore said...

Your stall looks amazing. Wish I lived closer - the market sounds pretty special.