Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Paper pots

I was given a fantastic product for Christmas. A paper pot press.
It is really easy to use and I was very keen to trial the finished product. As soon as the moon was good for leafy greens I had to plant some seeds, rocket and mizuna and lettuce.
The strike rate was good, the next trial is how they work in the garden.  When I did plant some out, I tore off the excess paper at the bottom of the pots......I planted out some cucumbers but it may have been the 40 degree day that thwarted this trial.......not still there after 3 days.
Note the paper pots near the trellis, empty of cucumbers. I will have to replant and continue to observe.

There's still plenty of plants to choose from in this trial. I have been working on increasing the leafy greens in the circles and I have also been doing a trial in the design and planting of the circles.
Digging out the circle into a donut shape, and planting around the edge, mulching in the hollow.  I will have to save that thought till the next post...might have some positive results by then.

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Calidore said...

I've never seen a pot press but what a good idea. Seedlings are struggling here too. Hope the trial has good results.