Saturday, September 19, 2015

Palimpsest work in progress

Palimpsest work in progress.

The sculpture was formed last Sunday evening
About 10 participants turned up
to assist Sasha and Petri with their project.

The event was recorded and will be included in their 
short film, along with the interviews they
did during the weeks leading up to Sunday.
The urge to use my hands was overwhelming

but I was able to resist.
It was difficult sitting on a hardwood floor
and pushing the clay with feet.
It was interesting that some participants worked together
to achieve different textures and shapes.
Bob enjoyed it so much he organised 
for the students of the special school to make one too!

 They are sitting here getting the morning sun
I do hope I can bisque them before
the pit firing next Saturday night.
It is going to be a forest feast with some Slow Food people
One of the locals who worked with Petri and Sasha
on the lighting for their filming,
is an accomplished musician and I do believe he  is
bringing his banjo and a couple of musical friends
Live music in the Billabong
With a feast and a pit firing.
Sounds awesomely creative  and fun
The haredst part will be waiting until morning to
dig through the ash to find the little bits.
 Like these sheep.
I couldnt resist and have made some in red clay too.

 I am getting a bit obsessive making heaps of sheep.
I think I want to exhibit a flock of them.
I need to make more lambs.
This is a case of Art imitating life,
My life as a farmer and a potter.
And an exhibiting Artist.


Sue said...

That would have felt amazing to be working with your feet, especially since we often have them rugged up and covered. I adore your sheep, very special Jayne.

WJB said...

I love your flock of sheep. The fox cant do much damage there.The pit firing sounds a great happening!

Annie said...

I'm loving the sheep too....I made it...all the way across the sea