Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Flower outlets Mildura

I am excited.
I am on a one month trial at a new outlet for my flowers
My experiment to hide the flowers from the wild rabbits has
worked but I will modify the concept next year

The view from my studio door into the garden.
Some students have been unable to 
resist the urge to pick them
I know the feeling as my seceteur hand gets
restless when I see beautiful flowers.

Stella and Luca have great respect for the flowers here.
Well trained!
Not so good down the back 
where the wild rabbits roam.

Anyway back to the lead story,
a new local outlet for the flowers
BP Buronga IGA
I delivered five  bunches on Monday.
Got a call on Wednesday to ask for some  more.
Robin was familliar with my flowers from my market stall
She has been a customer in the past.
Her enthusiasm is encouraging,
I hope it is an ongoing thing as I love to grow them
but I do have to sell them or there is little point
to all the hard work.
One of my other outlets has relegated the flowers
out of the cool room to the front door.
Interesting that I have sold more
from this position in just a week but the weather has only just
started to warm up.
I think she thinks my flowers will ripen her fruit and veg
when, after some research it is actually
the other way around.
Just to clarify


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Loooooooove your flowers and dogs :)

Annie said...

Great to talk to you last night Jayne....I love growing flowers too. Must be in the blood.

Michelle José said...

Love your flowers and garden Jayne, magical...