Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Co-incidence or Irony?

I had a strange dream last night.
Turning up to a new job at a new school,
Late because I had accepted a lift from colleagues.
I could not work out the timetable, 
it was dingy dark and I had trouble seeing. 
(should have been the clue that I was dreaming)
One friendly face striding with confidence towards me
Steve Curran. 
I thought, glad to be working
 in an art department with him again! 
The bell had gone...I was desperate to get to class
If only I could work out where that was. 
I woke up thank goodness, before I was in trouble
for being late to class.
Today I went to the post office and collected my mail

A registered letter for me.
From F U
Which was B U when I started the course,
Two, or was that three years ago. 
It was BCAE when I was an Art student many years ago.

Here it is,
another teaching qualification.
My contract as a TAFE teacher expired the week after
I completed all the work for this one.


smartcat said...

Dreams are often so strange; glad you woke up from yours before it got gritty!
We are still enjoying summer. My toes are crossed for one of our long glorious falls.

WJB said...

Im proud of you jayne.Congrats.

Anna said...

well congratulations on your qualification.. the lack of funding to keep technical colleges open is very short sighted. I trust you will find work elsewhere if you want to.