Saturday, September 12, 2015

Helping international artists with their Palimsest sculpture.

I have been busy this week
helping some international artists with
their idea for Palimpsest, a sculpture biennale.
We have spent the week making clay from
local / indigenious clay
and some kaolin to help it all hold together.
The sculpture is going to be made by many people who are 
going to shape it with their feet?
as per the artists idea
There will be some technical difficulties that
I will have to solve as we go.
A pit firing will be the answer to the decorative finish
I hope to bisque fire first but will it fit in the kiln?
Will it make it back here from the gallery
where it is to be shaped tonight.
Seems that sculpture is now all about documenting 
the making experience.
Books of the future will have to be able to run
all these little films that are being created
for the sculpture exhibition
or they may never see the light of day...
films never see the light of day and must be viewed
in a darkend room.
Cut and paste this into your search engine
to read all about it from the local paper.
Maybe it will become a link,
maybe not?


WJB said...

Sounds great Jayne Hope all goes well thinkng of you all

Anna said...

an interesting concept.. I hope you can post some still photos for your followers to see..

Annie said...

Sounds like fun Jayne...good on you...annie

Caroline said...

I have the clipping ready to stick on the pinboard in the studio!