Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Smokey sunset

It was a little unnerving to have such a smokey environment
all day.
The bush fire was 100 km's away but the wind had picked up,
changed direction and brought the smoke with it.

The sun was very red, my little happy snapper has not captured the true feel
I was compelled to grab the camera, next time I must grab my glasses as well!

Just behind those trees there is a public park and a sound shell of sorts
There was a Summer concert with The Angels, Suzie Quatro
The Black Sorrows and Shannon Noll.
We can hear the music from our yard...

Too tired from the week long heat wave and market to attend.

The weather has settled down, thank goodness.
A week in the mid 30's seems positively cool
by contrast.
We survived as did most of the garden.
Deep watering and mulch is amazing.

1 comment:

Annie said...

Those photos are amazing...I can imagine those with a more red sun. It has been smokey here too with the Grampians fires. Who needs to go to the concert when you can hear it from your back yard! First school meeting today...tomorrow room set up.