Monday, January 27, 2014

Mildura losses an icon

 Where am I going to sell my herbs and Silver beet now?
It was a very busy newsagent with a small supermarket 
and the best take away food.
Conveniently near a bakery, butcher, pharmacy and florist.
Very popular store gone up in flames.
All the others were saved thankfully.

The local paper got some amazing shots of the fire
and the firemen as they battled the blaze.

Here we go again, this time looks like 7 days at least
Heat wave with predicted temperature over 40 for the next week.

The low will be moving through tonight but here in the north west of Victoria
It won't effect us slipping under.
Those on the coast will cool down but we are in for it.

Already falling far short of the monthly average rainfall,
that's no way to start the year.
It rained the other day, 
I saw it in the distance evaporating before it hit the ground.
The big black rain cloud had lots of promise....
but not even registering a trace.
There's a Farmers market on Saturday.
The forecast is for 44!
Market is going to close at 11am  an hour early, due to the heat.
This is certainly going to be an indoor week.

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