Friday, January 31, 2014

Heat wave sewing continues

A second heat wave gave me few more 
hours at the sewing machine.
I needed replacement chair covers for our outdoor chairs 
No-one sells them.
They would rather sell you new chairs

The frames were fine
I was forced to work it out my self 
based on the design of the ones that were dangerously 
close to dumping someone on the ground.

If I had to do it again I may modify that difficult curve however
I think these canvas covers will last for years.
We bought a secondhand air conditioner just a few weeks ago!
 Moved the water tanks and installed it into the wall.
That keeps the windows free for gazing out of 
rather that looking at a big lump of air conditioner. 
It's what we refer to as a "swampy", they work best in dry conditions.
That's us!
Thank goodness the project was completed swiftly.
Thanks Joe for the innovative, make do with what we have, stand.
A life saver!!!


Annie said...

Looks good Jayne...those chair covers...just confirms my thoughts on how clever you are! I love it that we Make things. Google Eva dress and you can download the pattern for $10 and print it off at home. That's what I did..from Tsuitti. I have also made the top half in tshirt material and it makes a nice top. Yes, definitely a good pattern.

Catherine Roberts said...

Its been so muggy here,dripping wet mowing lawns,but Ive managed to do a few things,I think a lot of it can be mind over matter and by 8 oclock pm the Doctor winds come up from the coast and its pleasant outside,unfortunatley summer wise Hubby made the place like fort Knox and we cant open windows to enjoy it

smartcat said...

Those are some good looking chair covers, Jayne. I'm with you in finding it so annoying that we are expected to discard perfectly good items because one thing is broken. Like you, I have figured out how to cover outdoor chairs.
I hope your weather stops cooking you. We are having snow today....with more expected later on in the week!
Your flowers, fruits and all are always a mid winter treat!

Caroline said...

Very clever!

Lashon Cheatham said...

The chair covers are definitely beach-worthy! The white and blue stripes are very classy. It's also good that you've bought and installed your AC. Just make sure you check up on it from time to time and to not over-work it, or have Joe do it too. It can be a total bugger if the AC suddenly broke down in the middle of this dreadful heat wave. Stay healthy and cheers!

Lashon Cheatham @

Lashon Cheatham said...
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