Monday, January 13, 2014

4 days forecast over 40

The forecast is fierce
Day 2, 3 pm 41.1 outside. 
Thanks to our air conditioner it is 30 inside

Inside is the place to be, a good chance to catch up
on rainy day chores...

Cushion covers

I've had to make up the pattern as I go,
 so no two covers will be the same.
I chose the fabric months ago on a sale table....
Not enough fabric on the roll so I have had to improvise 
with some old couch covers.

It is getting easier however
I had totally forgotten how to put in a zip,
used the ones off the old covers!
The cushions were pretty bad so this heat wave is timely.
 I have to remove most of that leather top as
it can still be felt through the canvas.
They are in service as soon as they are finished.

The colour is reflective of the climate this summer. 
It is strange that the Northern Hemisphere 
is having the exact opposite but extreme weather event.
Do they call it a cool wave, given ours is a heat wave?


Gary's third pottery blog said...

actually, it is kooky up here: we had a ton of snow, near record warmth followed by near record COLD all in one week now followed by an upcoming week of almost record warmth....CRAZY swings...anyway, your work there is wonderful, isn't it great to bring new life to something old?

Annie said...

You are indeed one clever pussy cat. Those covers look fabulous! So glad you have rainy day activities...I was doing them today too. Well done Jayne...I'm singing the BRAVO song for you.

Caroline said...

You have more talents than I realised! Was your dog standing by waiting for you to finish?

WJB said...

Well done Jayne, I was coming over to help you, but you did a great job on your own.