Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shipping container dreaming

I have been dreaming about a pottery studio for  while now.
Ever since our building was demolished to make way for a swimming pool for the special school.
Hard to be cross when it was removed for such a good cause...........
Building permits are difficult to obtain on a flood plain so I have spent some time dreaming of shipping containers which can be picked up and moved if required
A bit like Leggo on a larger scale, 20 ft or 40 ft options.
They are water tight and someone joked with me that I would need an anchor in a flood.

I like the height of the ceilings when the containers are 2 high.
I have a strange belief that high ceilings promote creativity....or is it that I believe low ceilings stifle creativity?

This is my favourite option. I can see this one as I/2 pottery and 1/2 Gallery cafe
I would build a wall to separate the two halves...Keep the clay out of the Gallery!
I dream about one of the lower containers being a registered kitchen so I can value add my garden produce.
I put my tattslotto tickets on every week to support this dreaming.
I also keep a look out for philanthropists with a creative overtones,  I haven't found any yet but I will keep looking


Greyacres said...

Dont give up your dreaming Jayne

Frances said...

Such wonderful designs! If ever you plan to make a home built out of shipping containers, you ought to check out the designs from