Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Puppy and southern adventure

It is usually a 5 hour drive to reach our intended overnight stop on our way down south for our belated Christmas visit.
Unfortunately our radiator gave up the ghost just an hour short of our destination and we had to be rescued by a niece, thanks Kirsty!

We not only had 3 dogs onboard but 20 kg's of tomatoes for making relish.
We were able to squeeze it all into the rescue car and continue on our way, just a 2 hour delay.
Thankfully the family mechanic was able to repair the car the next day.
THANK'S Chris!
All up we arrived at our final destination about 6 hours later than intended under our own steam.
Now for the new puppy. 
MS just couldn't bear the thought of these little puppies meeting their maker if they couldn't find a home.
I am not sure if little is the right word.
Supposedly a cross between a Labrador and a Bull mastiff
Meet Stella

All the dogs just love drinking out of this little pond. They have fresh rainwater available but this  must be more tasty.
7 weeks old. Lucky puppy
Skittles and Stella have become firm friends.
I have noticed that her bite is softening after a lot of play fighting with Skittles

She is a little wary of Shelia who is a lot older and a bit on the intolerant side
of a small puppy and her sharp teeth.

 She is safe from the sharp teeth up here on the chair. Its a tight squeeze.
Hard to believe that she was once a bundle of sharp teeth herself.

A lovely weekend with extended family
Now for the long drive home.
A wake up stop at the Pink Lakes provided a welcome break
I was surprised to read that 100,000 tonnes of salt is mined from this lake per year.
The salt is a soft pink colour, as you can see the country is very flat around here.
The nearest town is called Sea lake.
2 hours to go and we are home.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

STELLA puppy baby! Wonderful :)

Anonymous said...

Love your blog Jayne. I've just created one to document my transition to one planet living:

Kirsti said...

I was just happy I got to meet the puppy first, hehe!
Was great to have you guys home and to catch up.