Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Holy cow!

It all started with a chicken serviette holder I made,
during a kids class.
We were discussing the potential for Christmas serviette holders
when one of the children said
"Make a holy cow"

We all fell about laughing at the idea
and I could not resist.

The ears aren't right but you get the idea.

I have orders for the chicken, 
and that might turn into a barn yard table setting.

My Christmas ones could have family members names on them.
They could also have coloured baubles to jazz them up.

This is just the beginning.
The elephant was on his way to being a cow but the
clay had other ideas.
I really must look at the Herefords markings.
They are just out in the paddock it shouldn't be hard
In other news...
The new studio has to be complete within 3 weeks
as my mother is selling her house and the Pottery club
would again be homeless. 
We have been most grateful for the generous sharing of her garage. 
Photos of the progress will be posted soon.



Annie said...

These look great Jayne. I can see them on our. Christmas table 2014

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

These are so much fun! 'Holy cows', what a hoot.