Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Spring sprung while I was building
Just a few weeks ago it was all under control
Then we had a sprinkle of rain then a few warm days

This Salvia is called Tequila
stunning but a bit wild with it's growing habit.
This circle is a bit out of control with stinging nettles.
Even though they can be used as food, the public isn't that hungry
It reminds me of the Waif's line...
"when you water the garden you also water the weeds".
There are Ranunculi bulbs under there...planted late...flower late
if I keep them a little clear.
It is such a colourful time of year but 
I am really busy with a deadline.
Mum's home is up for auction in 1 1/2 weeks
Pottery has to be relocated
I have to be ready for class in 2 weeks today....
This is the entrance from the driveway.
A bit of work still to do here.
Back door view.

Bamboo pattern on the glass door/dual purpose window.

Today I insulated and lined these walls
Thanks  to Corey and Karen who helped me
it looks like I just might make the deadline.
14 days to go.


Annie said...

Looking good Jayne...I'm heading home next week

Gary's third pottery blog said...

goodness, you are warming up and here it has been dreadfully cold already....