Sunday, August 17, 2014

Vanilla Slice festival

 The Farmers Market relocated to the 
Vanilla Slice festival in Merbein.
Shame it rained all day.
I was surprised at how many folk braved the wet weather. 
 Fiona's Garden made it into the Mildura Living magazine.
Very prestigious!
We picked and packed for a big day...but as
 any market stall holder knows,
it is hard to make any money in the rain, especially outdoors.

This event takes place just once per year
A lot of planning all foiled by the rain

Our plants didn't mind.
I made extra posies...but brought many home.
My worm herb signs have been popular lately
I do need to work out a better way to display them.
The biggest surprise for the day was our southern cousins
who are on holidays and just turned up at the market!
Good to see them, such a long way from home.


Sue said...

Your stall looks wonderful, very professional, you girls are very hard workers!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh the worm signs, so cute!

Annie said...

Who would have thought...rain in Mildura! I think I would still have gone out for a Vanilla Slice Festival. What a lovely surprise to see the cous.