Monday, June 2, 2014

Orphaned twins

I am on my last week of Tertiary Teaching studies and
I have been seriously side tracked with lambing duties.
Locking the sheep up at night to protect them from the foxes
Letting them out again in the morning.
 Sheep seem to like routine and are no trouble to put away.
It's a great purpose for a walk with the dogs, morning and night

We had a white out fog this morning that left many spider webs
highlighted with dew. Beautiful.

Shelia is getting older and slower. 
The sheep catch up and pass her now.

On Sunday our fourth set of twin lambs were born.
By Monday morning their mother had died, lamb birth complications.
I brought them home,
 so now I am doing the four hour feeds.
Thankfully they have gotten the idea of drinking from the bottle!
I wore a lot of milk trying to teach them.

Seriously cute, this brother and sister duo seem strong.
I wonder how long I have to feed them milk?
There are many more lambs to come, 
I hope these are the only orphans. 
It will be hard not to get attached to them as 
they climb all over me when they feed.
The boy on the left head butts a lot and 
they both like chewing the buttons on my jumper.


Annie said...

They are gorgeous Jayne. Ruth has about 3 last time I saw her...she just loves them too.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Ohhhh! Such sweet lambs!

Caroline said...

Cuteness!!! P.S. Could not find you at the market. Did two laps of the new location.

Caroline said...

Not at the pottery group tonight, worn out from painting walls. Yes, I can use a roller! In other news I have found an excellent blog ", a chicken keeping life."

Sue said...

Spiders web is very pretty, I once had to feed just one lamb and it was very hard work! I think I feed that Lamb more than the 6 week old baby I had at the same time, how you manage your place, working AND feeding all those Lambs, you must be very well organised or a superwoman!

smartcat said...

Such little cuties! Toes crossed for no more orphans!