Tuesday, June 24, 2014

23 lambs

The yards behind my sister's house (next door neighbour)
is the dry lock up night yard. 
This habit of locking them all up at night
has saved many lambs from the hungry foxes.
It has been a good season so far with many sets of twins.
They are such good fun to watch.
They jump, run, climb.
They hang out in groups with one mother staying close.
This group was 7 lambs but mum had been calling and they
were having too much fun to be rounded up for the night.
They are a delight, they make me laugh. Sometimes they
just explode like an electric shock has made them 
buck like a rodeo horse. I would love to capture that with the camera
but I think it would have to be a still from a video...very hard to anticipate
like lightning.

Our secret weapon against the fox is a flashing light.
It is a sheep disco. 
The light throws intermittent shadows and this seems to
protect the flock.
We have hooked up a small solar panel that trickle feeds the battery 

I noticed that a couple of the larger lambs are jumping through
the fence...at their peril. 
Safety in numbers. 
The orphaned twins are doing well.
We have made them a small day yard to encourage green feed.