Wednesday, May 21, 2014

One night stand weekend

Triple J held their "One night stand" concert in Mildura

It brought a lot of people to town for the weekend
The market had to move to Jaycee Park.
It was fantastic, beautiful weather, lots of people.

I took some pottery,
sold some too!
Bowls and beakers

These are my latest herb tags,
$4 each
The flowers sold really well,
Autumn is such a beautiful time of year...So much like Spring
But, with the promise of freezing to come, not boiling...
When it is put like that Autumn is the best.
We are having a record breaking, warm Autumn

Today broke the record set in 1972.


Sue said...

I really like the herb labels in the third pic down in the basket. I wonder if I could out an order in with Annie next time she's up there give her some money and a list of herbs names and if you have them I would love to buy? I see you have seeds too...

Anna said...

glad you had a successful stall. Love those herb tags, so cute.

Annie said...

I love the blue bowls! And the herb tags too. I'm coming in first week of school hols I think, so get some tags ready for Sue...she my garden friend.