Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Self sown leafy greens

This was the newest circle in early March
I planted large garlic cloves in the centre and they came up almost immediately
This is the circle now 2 months later
All the leafy greens are self sown. There are a  few Zinnias for a bit of colour,
they are running out of warm weather for flowering.
I do thin them out a bit,
transplanting rocket and silver beet into other spots in the garden
This is my newest nude circle
I have planted the one year old garlic from seed in the middle of this circle.
The outside is all spring bulbs.
Some of which my sister gave me for Christmas from
a family homestead down south, 100 years in the family. I will have to look after them.

Have you ever eaten Mizuna? Its a mild Japanese mustard green. I call it "lettuce with attitude".
It is not peppery like rocket.
I have them growing together, they like the same conditions.


Annie said...

I'm glad you've got your bulbs in Jayne, I must put mine in too.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I have all this garlic, as you know, and must figure out how to deal with it :) Great story, your homestead plantings, 100 years, wow!