Saturday, May 12, 2012

Heaps of seeds

Just as I thought, the fertile zucchini seeds sank to the bottom.
The empty ones floated to the top and were easy to scoop up.

I have to confess I checked through the chuck out pile carefully.
All the cucumbers seeds sank so do I assume they are all fertile?

I will plant the fattest ones.

I am hoping to collect seeds from this basil.

It smells like doughnuts......Cinnamon doughnuts

Perfect to add to a bunch of non smelling flowers
I am not sure when to add it to food, is it a Cinnamon alternative?
Still a few zinnias smiling in the vege patch.
I will collect some of their seed for next summer too.
Rogue red salvia is always popping up with its cheery flowers
Asparagus fern is handy in my flower bunches and when it turns yellow it is stunning.

Here is a fabulous example of how closely related rocket is to dandelion....or is that wild lettuce?
It's a case of spot the weed!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

it is fall for you, almost winter, and your garden so abundant still... oh my!

Annie said...

I want to collect my zinnia seeds too. I still have flowers and they have been valiant performers for months. I'll never have another season without them.