Sunday, May 27, 2012

Good friends keep warm

With just a few days to go until it is officially winter
The cold snap has taken us all by surprise.
Rain was predicted  for this weekend, unfortunately
the far north west missed out completely.
We put the pump on and our feet up.
I thought I heard a little groan from Skittles
The brown labrador, chief puppy sitter extraordinaire

I guess it was cold enough for her to not mind a puppy cuddle.
She is such a tolerant dog.
Stella has taken to dragging her around by the collar.
See the little bit of excess red collar.
That is generally in Stella's mouth.
Shelia has none of these troubles.
She made her position clear from the beginning.
I have never seen Stella try and share a chair with her!
It wasn't a one off action as this was taken this morning,
three dogs on a chair if you count the stuffed toy.
Best I light the fire and give Skittles a bit of a break.


Annie said...

VERY VERY cute Jayne, Pete and I enjoyed these pictures very much. I can see how you love them so much.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jayne great pics and a happy someone reading cookbook....great...wish someone did that here,,,

Calidore said...

Ok so it is cold when two dogs have to snuggle...vbg. No rain here either which is a pity.