Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Vegetable flowers are beautiful too!

A visiting friend expressed her surprise at the beauty of vegetable flowers,
in fact, she did not realise that vegetable plants had flowers.
I guess she is not alone.
Rocket flowers have an antique feel to them,

Some brave folks eat zucchini flowers.

Chinese broad leaf celery has bright yellow flowers that I have been using as fill flowers with Zinnias.

Garlic Chives flowers are like fire works, they look fantastic but smell a bit like.......Garlic chives.
Eggplant have purple flowers, for the purple lover this is the plant to grow, the leaves have a touch of purple, the fruit is dark and shiny.

I finally grew some Queen Ann's lace this year and was mildly disappointed.
I thought it would be special but actually it just looked like parsley flowers but whiter.

Lettuce flowers have a distinct weed like look about them.
I have begun saving seeds to sell at the market so I am collecting the flowers and bagging up the seeds.
Its fiddly and time consuming but all part of the food forest farming concept.

I just had to include this photo, Skittles and Stella sharing a chair, my chair!
I decided that they won't be able to do this for long so it is ok for now. Skittles is an excellent puppy minder, Her ears have been well and truly pierced.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

OH YES! Purple flowers for eggplants! I love purple too. Our house is purple and I have a purple birthmark on my head under my hair. I also just saw a quick and easy way to make eggplant burgers and I sure do wanna try that soon, outside on the grill!

Annie said...

I love the tomato flowers - you're right, lots of people just dont' know much about stuff like that. We are lucky like that. Love the puppies.