Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I noticed that the garlic seed plants from last year had re sprouted
The ones I had potted up for the market,
They died down, disappeared over summer.
Several times I nearly reclaimed the dirt..........
.........thank goodness for labels!
Then I though OK if they have sprouted...
What has happened to the ones I parked in the paddock?
I am a bit shocked by the weeds, where have I been?
Where is the garlic?
There they are.
Now I have to be careful when I weed to reveal the garlic
 the weeds blend so well.
Stella puppy is also a danger down here, nice sandy digging
She did dig one up

These 1 year old bulbils are now the size of a pickled onion and will be a guaranteed big clove
when replanted in fresh ground and left till December.
I will leave them where they are for now until I have prepared the new ground.
Garlic should be always planted in fresh ground.
We have a market free weekend coming up so there is a chance it might happen. 
Yesterday I accidentally pulled up a freesia when weeding with gusto.
I hadn't realised they had come up.
I am still in summer mode, not spring bulbs.
Made me think that I really need to start planning for spring.
I have to confess I came inside and did an online bulb order while the thought was fresh in my mind.
Cheques in the mail.
I am excited.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

A friend planted garlic in our yard several months ago, and there these big green shoots out there now....I wonder what you do? I s'pose you dig one up and see what it looks like and then...? Golly, i just don't know how to plant and grow things.....

Annie said...

I got a shock to see my jonquils popping through the earth last week. Some are such early birds, OR is the year speeding up. Not sure which, but Mum keeps saying the weeks go so fast. Bulb orders hmmm, want to go to the Garden Show at the weekend at the Exhibition Buildings?? I'm seriously considering it.

Anonymous said...

I too have been shocked to find spring bulbs coming up, Surely it is too early. Its still hot 32 degrees.I found a few ranuns in a pot so think I will order some more, Yes ticking catalogues is great fun.