Sunday, March 18, 2012

Autumn flowers

Autumn is the next best thing to spring!
There are flowers everywhere
This is Tansy, it is a herb I grow for its beautiful button flowers and
because it is said to deter flies, just hang a bunch of tansy leaves indoors. I grow my plants near the back door to try and prevent the flies from coming inside in the first place. 

The flowers can be boiled for a yellow dye.

I have Zinnias from white through yellow into orange and red, purple, and a huge range of pinks. They are such good performers and the cut flowers just last and last in the vase. The only down side to the long lasting flowers is that my customers don't need to buy them as often, I try and encourage them to add to the existing bunch, extend and expand the display.

These are dahlias
I got a few in spring and they have been flowering ever since.
This is a dahlia also.
The flowers are stunning, and quite prolific. I have a variety of these in different colours.

The Cherry Rudbekia is still pushing out some flowers. Amazing.

Unfortunately many of the weeds are also flowering.
I will pick them but they will not make it into a vase nor be brought inside.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

AUTUMN!!!! Soooo beautiful.....and here we are having a hot SPRING!

smartcat said...

Hi....thanks for stopping by my blog. I go through under the equator envy every winter.

I stopped growing zinnias because I have never been able to conquer the powdery mildew they bring. Dahlias are another story.

As Gary mentioned we are enjoying a strange, warm spring....I'll take this any time over last winter which went on forever.

I'm enjoying reading past entries.