Monday, March 21, 2011

Rabbits and rabbit stew.

I thought this was a yellow nerine but it is a fancy bulb that mum gave me. I planted it out and forgot it's name. She told me just the other day but all I can remember is that it starts with L

 I have found a much more effective method of removing rabbits. Hannah is a budding clay target shooter and was more than welcome to practice her skills on my feral population. She was very pleased with her catch. All rabbits were stewed and eaten.
Very nice.

I still have heaps of water chestnuts and decided on a new trial in a fresh new circle. We moved the chooks on the weekend and I couldn't resist trialing a bit of a pond in the centre of the circle. I will plant leafy greens around the outside and some curly red kale.

I do love a fresh circle. I must remember to move the chooks again in 2 weeks.

Here is a bunch of Alstromerias, I think of this as a butterscotch yellow, warm yellow with a lovely pink blush. They have been dwarfed and rebadged (so to speak) as princess lillies. I like the original long stemmed version
Peruvian Lillies.


Annie said...

Mum told me the name of that beautiful bulb too - but I can't remember either. It was beautiful, but I didn't get to see the yellow one. Only her red ones were out. What happened to that rolls royce pin cushion? Love the rabbits!

Judy said...

The name of that beautiful bulb is Lycoris, just for your information girls! Good photos Jayne