Saturday, March 26, 2011

Good times.

I have had some good luck lately. It seems like things are on a roll and I know it is dangerous to say so as that's when the wheels fall off, but not this time. Life is good. My sister visited and presented me with a beautiful pin cushion.

And lucky for me we have a home made or recycled Christmas policy. This is my comfy chair with well worn cushion and matching quilt. The other cushion is made from some of Dad's old jumpers. A lovely soft comforting way to keep him close. Thanks Annie. I am indeed a lucky sister.

The food forest quickly turns into a jungle and not necessarily all food for humans. The chooks have not been on the circle to the left for 12 months. I have to get rid of the tallest foliage to get the dome across. It is a cumbersome arrangement and requires 3 strong adults to move it, so it often ends up staying on a circle for longer than the prescribed two weeks.
 I am trying to get into the habit of a deep litter  in the dome with hay by two weeks on, so at least the soil will benefit from any delay in moving the dome. It's compaction after that that becomes a problem.
Removing the weeds and sunflowers reveal another job that needs doing.
Looks like the sun and wind have done a number on the hot house. Time to replace the plastic.Autumn is here and it is certainly cooling down. The wind has been blowing in from the south and it is arctic.

Still plenty for the chooks when they get there. The sunflowers went to the old chooks who live nearby in a separate yard. They love it when I do some weeding and sharing.
They were very happy about it.

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Annie said...

My chooks love me weeding and sharing too, and you are very most welcome to share in my craft booty. By the looks of things, you could almost do with a new quilt! Glad you love and feel comfort with the cushion.