Saturday, December 14, 2013

Preparing for a heat wave

There's a heat wave coming
Wed,Thurs,Fri forecast for above 40 C

I am trying to prepare the garden for it.
Weed out all plants that are not supposed to be there

(weeds, which include self sown silver beet in some gardens)

this will reduce the moisture loss and

Mulch, making sure the beds are damp first.
I always throw a hand full of organic fertilizer before I mulch,
dynamic lifter style, so the mulch does not
rob the bed of nutrients as it breaks down.

My other tactic is to pick all the flowers before the heat.
The cool room comes in handy here.
Flowers and herbs will stay fresh in there and be
ready for the market on Saturday.

 Check out the Gladioli babies
I couldn't bear to throw them away so I have been fattening them up
for the rows next year. A couple of them are trying to flower this year.

 I gave my sisters some Christmas Lilly's one year.
Kept one for myself and it is beautiful, I can't bring myself
to cut it and bring it inside. I will just enjoy it where it is.
I hope theirs are flowering now.

A triple headed Lions tail flower.
One of my favourites.
My last heat wave tactic is to savour the garden this week as
it might just be all crispy by the end of next week,.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

your flowers are pretty, but oh my! 40+ C!
It was 10 degrees f this morning with a fresh 12 inches of snow for us, her eon the other side of the world :)

eileeninmd said...

Lovely flowers! And gorgeous colors. It is so much nicer than the white snow I am seeing. Beautiful photos!

Annie said...

My Lillie's are fat buds..probably another week or so yet. I have other Lillie's out. It was a scorcher on Thursday. We had to cancel our end of year picnic and do indoor activities instead. Finished today!

Catherine Roberts said...

Beautiful Garden!!Our water is piped all the way from Perth and costs the earth,Ive had to let a lot go,and usually the rain skips beneath or above us but it was our lucky day this time

Catherine Roberts said...

So thats what it called,the Lion head flower,Ive been cutting them out in the rock gardens,its rather messy and not as productive as the rest