Friday, December 27, 2013

Just a little crispy.

 Most things survived the heat wave last week
Just a few plants got a bit crispy.
These Gladdy's for example did not cope too well,
not all of them suffered but the majority found 3 days over 40 degrees
just a bit too much.
These dahlias are in my shadiest spot in the rows, but they too
found the heat wave a bit too much.
The lower growth looks promising and they do flower for the entire summer
so all is not lost.

 Some plants are just more robust and could grow anywhere
The evening primrose in this photo is growing in the paths between rows
I had intended to distill the seeds to make evening primrose oil
but that's a whole new process and I am unsure.
Isn't this a fabulous colour
Gailardia, self sown. 
These plants definitely cope with the hot weather

Californian puncture weed, otherwise referred to as three corner jacks
This is another plant that laps up the hot weather. 
We have had an explosion of these since the rain last week.
They are so tenacious they grow in the most inhospitable of spots
Today the forecast is for 41, but just one hot day before a change.
This will be a breeze, especially since we installed 
an air conditioner over Christmas. 
Lets hope these beauties cope today.
To extend the life of these in the vase, the stems have to be placed in boiling water.
I always feel a bit cruel when I do it, but it works.

The hot north wind will be their challenge today.
And mine.
Seasons greetings to you all.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Such impossible heat! Is Australia suffering because of global climate change brought on by the rest of the world????

Annie said...

Beautiful flowers Jayne . . . I'm looking forward to seeing you next week.

Jennifer Gadsden said...

It is amazing the way plants adapt and survive in such hot conditions. Their resilience is inspiring...

Anna said...

I imagine all your mulching would be helping your flowers survive the heat wave.
Not so bad here on the coast I'm happy to say but the showers we have had certainly help the weeds to grow!