Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Chook bowls

A student gave me a wine ice bucket type bowl for Christmas last year.
I looked at the shape and decided I could see a chook
so I used it as a press mould and this is what happened next.

I think it would hold 2 dozen eggs.

I wasn't convinced that I had achieved what I first imagined
so I tried again.

I still have to glaze this one and am wondering if
I should keep with the brown hen theme or try a white version.
I could get totally fancy and try for a lace wing style.
I will be glazing it today so I will have to make up my mind.

I was surprised to see Stella doing the double decker dog trick with Shelia
They are getting along a lot better lately but
I hadn't thought they were that close.
Given the very cold winter this behaviour has been tolerated by both the big dogs.


Annie said...

I love the chook bowl, I love the white and I would love one! I think these coul be on your market stall full of fresh eggs!

Annie said...

Mum says good to see those dogs so comfortable..