Sunday, September 11, 2011

Spring is here!

Spring is here
Its an exciting time in the garden and the paddock.
I think the quince blossom is the prettiest blossom of spring.

Old trees can look a bit tortured due to the heavy fruit forcing the branches to droop.
Mine is a young tree but it has had its fair share of tortuous droop and heavy fruit.

Note the large branches from a red gum tree that were used to prop up the drooping branches.
All fruit blossom is beautiful but I particularly like Nectarine blossom also.
Blossom keeps the bees busy
The promise of yummy fruit is almost guaranteed given water restrictions have been lifted.
I lost all of last years cherries in a heat wave.
I won't ever let that happen again.
The Lilliums are coming.
Thankfully between Skittles and myself the rabbits have not destroyed my Lillium patch.
I am looking forward to picking flowers for the market.
I have also been busy clearing and endless task in a garden.
I put this photo in to show you the slope I had to rectify to flood proof this garden.
I am planning to plant cucumbers against this retaining wall fence.
Oh and a trip or two to a nursery to spend some of my market money on flowering shrubs for market flowers. What a good excuse!
Not a very good photo however it does show you the dwarf diosma in the background.
I just love the blue dampier?
Very hardy apparently. It will have to be in my yard.


Annie said...

How exciting about the lilliums! I am just LOVING the Spring Garden. The days are getting longer, and I get time for a walk after work as well as in the mornings, for my inspections.

Ozjane said...

I am envious of that quince tree.
I took a photo of apple blossom but it was not a good photo.
I did find I had my first cherry blossom.
Is the pink nectarine? I have a big old one and a new one.
Go girl go.

Annie said...

Hi Jayne, we've had an invitation from oz Jane - how's doing? Busy time in the garden but lots of exciting things as well.

JudyB said...

Wonderful blossom , full of promise of fruit. Your photos are great Jayne