Monday, September 19, 2011

Cherry Blossom

I spoke of losing my Cherries last year from a heatwave.
This year there will be more than ever to make up for it.
The trees have been freed from their bird proof cage for the winter but as spring marches on the bird mesh will have to go back up.
To think that each one of those flowers represents a yummy cherry, mmmmmmmmmmmm
We will also have a few apples....they are pink ladies.
I am looking forward to eating some of these mullberries very soon.
The tree is starting to seriously droop with the weight of the fruit. It's one of the Australian mullberries, not as strong in flavour as the English Mullberry, the fruit is longer.
Last year we got two summer crops off this little tree....the last of which was picked by Lou after Easter. 

You have to feel sorry for the chook that laid this enormous egg. It weighed in at 104 grams
Does not fit in an egg carton very well, deffinately a double yolker

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Annie said...

Love your blossoms Jayne. Do you think cherries would grow here? I'd love to have one of those....and Pink Lady Apples are my favourite. All looking good.