Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pottery and Mum's garden

 You might recall that the Pottery Club is using Mum's garage temporarily after our studio was demolished to make way for a swimming pool at the specialist school. While I was waiting for the children to arrive for their after school pottery class, I thought I would have a look around at what is flowering in Mum's garden at the moment.
The view from the pottery room is a sight at the moment with most of the saliva's lining the driveway, out in full bloom.
Lime light is a spectacular and unusual flower with lime green calyx's and summer sky blue petals.

The photos do not do the sight justice,maybe it was the time of day and the fading afternoon light.

 It certainly is a more beautiful setting than our last studio. Something more permanent will turn up soon, I just wish we could find a philanthropist to help with our cause.


Annie said...

Love seeing mum's garden, I'll have to show her - hope she doesn't want to come back straight away - we're having fun.

Annie said...

Thanks Jayne for showing me what's going on. Look after things for me, I'll be home on the long weekend, for a visit love Mum